Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So busy!

Week 2 of my painting a week challenge has been diverted. My partner offered to change the living room into my new studio! It has north light from a huge window. Lots and lots of space for my jumbo easel, two smaller easels and my work table. There is even a place for a loveseat for friends to sit and my rocking chair for me to relax and think in.

I haven't gotten pictures yet because we are still finishing up the details. My dear friend Alex Birkett is going to share a corner of the studio with me so he can paint a jumbo sized canvas too. His will lean against the wall, so we need to set up a sheet behind his so the wall doesn't get paint all over it.

I will be back into my regular swing of things this week, as most of the studio is set up.

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  1. I'm extremely busy too. Job and giving Jimi his colors.