Thursday, January 27, 2011

Using toys as models

Recently I have had great luck using toys of animals as models for paintings.  Some toy companies take great pains to make realistic figurines of wildlife to educate children.  I have only picked up a few of these toys so far, but I see myself collecting more of them in the future to aid me in adding animals to my paintings.

I have shown you before how I utilized photographs in combination with a small orca toy for my study of Tillikum.

More recently, I picked up a cow toy at my local arts and crafts store to include in my Morrigan triptych.  I ended up looking to classic iconography to design the cow's head, but the toy was invaluable in getting the legs and hooves right and in proportion.

Morrigan with White Heifer by Sara Star
I think I will keep it on a picture by picture basis rather than stocking up on toys ahead of time. However, I am going to keep animal toys in my arsenal of painting tools.

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