Monday, January 10, 2011

Some New Work

I have been painting a lot, but due to short days, I don't have much time to get photographs of what I have done when the lighting is good.  However, I resolved to show you all what I am doing anyways, even if the photos don't look so hot.

Artemis by Sara Star

Above is a painting I made for a patron, of Artemis. It is the third in a trilogy of Artemis, Demeter and Hekate.

Here is a big project I have been working on for months.  This isn't the final product, I still have a few things to add and a little work on the backgrounds, but it is close.

The Morrigan Triptych by Sara Star
I want to clean up the wall hanging so it looks more smooth, and I have a crow skull to replace the little wood cookie stand in for a crow skull.  (The skull took two months to come instead of two weeks, so I had to make a substitute charm).  I am also changing the charms around a bit to balance more.  I wish I had a clearer photograph for you, but I will be able to get one next month when it is complete.

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