Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Painting a week: Tillikum

This is Tillikum, a Sea World Killer Whale.
Study for Tillikum

I saw Tillikum at a Sea World in Victoria B.C. when I was a young girl.
My brother with Tillikum or one of his wives in Victoria BC

Since that time he has fathered 16 children and killed three humans. I have an interest in the evolving perceptions of whales, from Free Willy, Keiko, who I also saw in person as a teenager,
Keiko aka Free Willy at Newport Aquarium

to a food and energy source for local Coastal Tribes, and to Moby Dick.
Concept photo for Moby Dick Movie slated to hit the small screen.

I think I know which of these is Tillikum's idol.

This little painting is a study of Tillikum for a larger painting about the Sea World Orcas.
Study for Tillikum and the little model I used to aid with proportions.

I used a combination of memories of Whales I had seen in aquariums, a little model of a female orca I picked up at the beach, and photos of Tillikum on the web. Then I remembered my own family photos of whales, so I will utilized those for future paintings of the orcas.

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