Friday, August 27, 2010

Status: Weekly Painting, Week 1

I am nearly done with my angel icon for the Cancer Society Show a week from now. However, it is not finished. So I am just shy of meeting my first weekly painting goal.
I encountered a few issues that held me back with the gold leafing. The silver leaf kept sticking to parts where it had been gold leafed. So I had to re-gold leaf over the edges. Next time, I will do the silver leafing first because it is so tricky and the gold leaf behaves itself better.
At this point all that is left is some finer details on the wings, the fish and fishing pole and the ring around the halo.
I am confident that I will finish tonight, so I will be just a few hours over the weekly goal and I will post pictures on Monday!
So I have something to show you, I am going to share this Monastery Icon's Video that shows the process I use for creating an icon.

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