Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Donating to SCRAP

sSCRAP by CafeLatte under Creative Commons License

 Donating used arts and craft supplies to SCRAP in Portland is a great way to put your unwanted supplies to good use and help keep them out of the trash. SCRAP stands for the School and Community Re-use Action Project. Donated supplies are used in school programs and are also sold at the Re-use Action Center.

The Re-use Action Center sells your donated canvases, half used tubes of paint and glaze, wood panel scraps, fabric, pencils, and yarn for a few cents or a few dollars. It gets artists recycling and helps artists afford what are often expensive supplies when purchased new.

Donations to SCRAP are tax-deductible and helps artists, school children, and the environment by keeping craft supplies out of the garbage and available for use by kids and artists who need them at a very affordable price.

When I was at SCRAP today, I noticed they could use more card stock, paint brushes, and jars and bottles. They especially looked as though they had a shortage of primers and mediums. I came away with a box full of stretcher bars, used canvases, calligraphy pens, acrylic fluid paints, damar varnish, picture stands, and a pyrograph tool, all for less than 15 dollars.

SCRAP is open every day 11a-6p and is located on the corner of NE MLK & Stanton in Portland, Oregon. New SCRAP projects are being formed in Traverse City, MI and Washington DC.


  1. Hi Sara - Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    I love meeting new artists and seeing their work. Way back when I was in art school, I was truly a no-nonsense, no humor feminist. Though I've mellowed a bit personally, the issues and barriers remain. I've come to believe that women must rely on one another if we're ever to have a better world and our rightful place in it.

    As for being scared of a large painting? I always have three or four in process. That way none of them becomes too "precious" and I don't freeze up for fear of messing up my one and only.

    And I love the SCRAP idea! Too small town for that to work here but what a great resource for us ever-poor artists!

  2. I love doing large paintings, but this one is due to show in a little over a month. I want to sort out the mistakes before I transfer the image to the large canvas so I can complete it quickly without a lot of re-working.

    I am a humorous feminist! And I do think connecting with other women artists matters. I know a lot of other artists and I like to do collaborations with other local artists now and then.