Friday, August 20, 2010

Setting Challenging Art Goals

A painting per moon phase? Hekate by Sara Star

I am happily subscribed to a few blogs that feature daily paintings. One might guess that daily paintings wouldn't be very good, because less time is spent on them than longer paintings. However, that guess is wrong. A high rate of production seems to improve the work, and many of these daily paintings are lovely and fetch a decent price.

I would love to challenge myself in such a way. Regular painting has improved my work already. However, unlike the daily painting folks, I have a full time job. Perhaps for my purposes a weekly painting challenge would be more suitable.

So here goes nothing, I plan to finish^ a painting a week starting now, and I will reassess at the end of October whether to keep it up, slow the pace or speed it up.  Who knows, after two months of a painting a week, a painting a day might seem more feasible.


  1. Ha ha! I came back in June and decided to a painting a month. I was proud of myself for setting an ambitious goal and here I read of a painting a day! Crazy. I thought about what I would need to do to support myself through painting and I decided I either need to sell one expensive painting per month, or more likely two or three medium priced works per month. I think if I can get to the point of one per month and then up it to two for a while, I will have enough to seek out gallery representation. And when I get representation, I plan to paint three a month. :D

  2. You really have to work yourself up! I was doing two paintings a month for a while to supply the Stray Gallery with lots of new work. And so I decided to up it to one a week. Although this week is hard because of the First Friday events, but I will have something new for Monday's post!

  3. Also, all the painting a day folks are either professional artists full time or retired.

    When I get to the point of being a professional artist part time, I might up my ante to three paintings a week, but handling a job and a painting a day doesn't seem likely for me.