Friday, April 8, 2011

New painting

Rhiannon Reborn in the Surf by Sara Star
I entered this painting in a competition for Spring Paintings made with Cobra Talens Water Mixable paints.  I am crossing my fingers that I win and that I win something cool like more paint, or some auxiliaries or such.  I really love this paint brand, its is fairly new and I just tried it recently and it is my favorite for color and consistency. (please ignore the glare from the flash).

This the Welsh goddess Rhiannon.  She is associated with horses, the moon, the ocean and night song birds.  I really love to tell stories about her from the Mabinogion a cycle of Welsh Legends.  She moves like the moon in that as she is riding her horse, no matter how fast you follow her you can never catch her, she just moves along just out of reach.  She is also a cognate goddess with the Pan Greco-Celtic Goddess Epona.  I have painted a saint Anna icon based on a relief of Epona before:

St. Anne Icon based on Greco-Celtic Relief of Epona
That was one of my first icons and one of my first paintings way back in 2003 when I was just learning to paint.  It is nice to see how I have progressed in painting horses and such, but it is also humbling to see how much charm the more primitive earlier pictures have.  I want to manage to capture both in my more mature work.  I hope Rhiannon has some of the charm that Anne does.


  1. Hi Sara,

    Well, sure was a good start :-)

    Kind regards,


  2. Thank you Jose. I plan to use this study as a guide for a more complete larger painting later.